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Qingdao Siliplus Chemical Co., Ltd.

The company is mainly engaged in the Silica Gel, Desiccant, Cat Litter sales and service of silica gel products. More according to customer needs customized development of special silica gel products.
The company has an industry-leading production base and testing laboratory, which can provide more than 20 series of silica gel products. The annual production capacity of silica gel products in the production base is 55,000 tons. Silica gel products variety, complete specifications, cost-effective. From the production of sodium silicate raw materials and basic production and deep processing of silica gel products, the company has a complete set of advanced production equipment and testing equipment. Ensure stable supply of products and controllable quality.

New Products

  • Narrow Pore Silica Gel(A Type Silica Gel)

    Narrow Pore Silica Gel(A Type Silica Gel)

    Properties: Narrow Pore Silica Gel(A Type Silica Gel) includes two shapes, spherical and massive. The appearance is transparent or translucent glassy. Average aperture 2.0-3.0nm, specific surface area 650-800㎡/g, pore volume 0.35-0.45 mL /g, specific heat 0.92KJ/kg.℃

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  • Mid Pore Silica Gel(B Type Silica Gel)

    Mid Pore Silica Gel(B Type Silica Gel)

    Uses of Mid Pore Silica Gel(B Type Silica Gel): Mainly used as air humidity regulator, catalyst carrier, and silica gel chromatography raw material

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  • Wide Pore Silica Gel

    Wide Pore Silica Gel

    Appearance: the Wide Pore Silica Gel ​is milky white particles, can be divided into spherical and block two kinds. Its internal structure is pore volume 0.8-1.0mL /g, aperture 80-100a, specific surface area 350-450m2/

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